Identifying Talent

Talent review and succession planning is at the heart of the talent management process.  At Calibra we can help you design a system that meets your unique needs.  The key goals of the talent review process include:

  • Developing talent and building bench strength;
  • Developing specific leadership skill sets;
  • Retaining effective employees; and
  • Building a high performance organization.

The talent review process (in brief) is shown below:

Development Discussion
Manager and direct report periodically review progress on individual development plan

Executive Team Talent Review
Annual evaluation of “bench strength”; quarterly review of progress; measure staff changes, promotion rate, turnover, and readiness of internal candidates

Develop Succession Plan(s)
Focus on quality of dialogue, not the administration of the process

Implementation of Individual Development Plans
Invest in your top performers, leverage strengths, hold people accountable


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Questions to Consider

As part of the talent review process, a succession map is created (identifying potential successors for leaders and other critical positions in the company).  Some key questions asked include:

  • Who is ready now?
  • Who should be groomed?
  • What emergency or replacement strategies are in place to replace key positions?
  • What development plans are in place to address the above?

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