Team Development

Reveal a Clear Picture of Your Team

Sometimes, you are too close to a situation to analyze it effectively.

Have you ever lost something, and, after searching to the point of frustration, you find it right under your nose? Even the most competent leaders sometimes find themselves so close to a situation within their team that they can’t find a solution without help from an objective source.

Calibra can be your objective source for clarity.

Calibra’s consultants provide the objectivity to assess your team situation and dynamics with greater clarity.  Our process includes:

  • Asking you to explain your business, departments, teams and individual dynamics as you see them.
  • Explaining what is working well and what seems to be producing barriers between people.
  • Identifying issues, core needs and what changes are needed to move forward.

This process helps your team build on its strengths and address its challenges.

We work hard to establish rapport and trust, be seen as facilitators of the process (versus owners of the process) and to guide the team toward their outcomes.  We create a collaborative process of listening, challenging and exchanging ideas. Our goal is to help the team be successful and self-reliant, not dependent on us for their progress.

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Did You Know?

The difference between team development, team building, and team training

  • Team development is a process that takes place in the life of a team over time.  As the team operates together, they need to pay attention to both task issues (what they do) and process issues (how they do it). The team works its way through the stages of development, each with its own distinct characteristics and suggested interventions that help a team  develop through that stage and on to the next.
  • Team building exercises are often used as a team progresses through its stages of development and faces roadblocks, difficulties, and barriers.
  • Team training is appropriate if the team discovers specific skills are lacking. The value of team training is not only the focus on content designed specifically to address the learning needs of the team, but also the opportunity for the team to learn together, share experiences and collaboratively problem solve.

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