Overcome Barriers to Performance

A good consultant answers a client’s questions.  A great consultant questions a client’s answers.  At Calibra, we work in partnership with you to explore, examine, challenge, question and learn.  Together we create a path to move your organization forward.  Each client is unique, and there is seldom only one solution; therefore, we do not prescribe.  We use processes and methodologies that are customized to meet your unique needs.

We ask questions and listen.  We work with you to build strong leaders and facilitate change.  We understand organizational culture and its impact on your efforts.  We are different because we think about your business first, learn it, understand it, and then apply our processes, tools and experience to help you implement necessary change and produce the business results you want.

We measure our success by your success.  We strive to enhance client capabilities that deliver both competitive advantage and bottom-line results.

Our services include:

  • Assessing culture and implementing culture change
  • Developing dynamic leadership teams and addressing conflict and barriers to effectiveness
  • Managing change and facilitating change initiatives

What Our Client's Say

“From a personal standpoint, I couldn’t be happier with the value Calibra has brought our organization.  They’ve assisted us in combining staff from two different companies, helping us address issues such as recognizing different styles, dealing with change, enhancing communication and handling conflict.  The consultant we worked with is very effective and I’ve heard nothing but positive comments regarding the leadership and focus provided.”

- Executive Director, High Tech Medical/Health Care Company

“Over the years Calibra (formerly the Center for Organization Effectiveness) has performed many services for us…including employee and leadership training.  Because of their skill and ability to provide superior customer service, we then asked them to work with us on team development projects.  Again, they excelled at understanding our organization and meeting our particular needs.  We have been very pleased and would recommend their services to other organizations.”

- Executive Vice President, Non-Profit

Contact us

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Madison, WI 53718
Phone: 608-442-1121
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Points to Ponder

  • Studies suggest an increased priority on executive team-building.  This is based on the thinking that only teams of executives will be able to execute winning strategies in today’s complex times.
  • Seventy to eighty percent of organizations report they are not satisfied with the process or outcomes of their change efforts.  
  • Theodore Modis, a physicist, once predicted that we will face the equivalent of all the milestones of  the 20th century—world wars, creation of the automobile, sequencing of DNA, rise of the Internet, etc.—in a single week in the year 2025.  He argued that both the breadth and intensity of change will continue to increase at alarming levels.  This complexity and speed of change challenges leaders to prepare for and respond faster to changes in their industry and economy more than ever before.

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