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Calibra's 360 degree feedback reports are designed to be intuitive and easy to read and understand.  The numbers and graphics are straightforward, clear and readily transferable to development planning. 

Coaching and Development Services

There is substantial research evidence that coaching strengthens the 360 degree feedback process.  In addition to providing coaching directly to individuals, we often train internal staff to provide coaching in support of the development process. Available coaching services include:

One-On-One Feedback and Coaching Meeting

A Calibra coach meets with the 360 participant (in person or over the phone) to review the results.The participant and coach discuss the report, highlighting strengths and development needs.  The coach challenges the participant, asks questions, listens, and provides insight for development planning.

Group Feedback and Coaching Meeting

Participants receive their individual profile to read and interpret.  Coaches are available to answer questions, clarify the data and help participants focus on action planning. 

Train-the-Coach Workshop

Calibra consultants have extensive experience in training and coaching leaders and internal consultants related to using 360 degree feedback.  If there is a desire to train internal coaches, we can provide a workshop on how to read and interpret the reports as well as how to coach participants on development planning.

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The Power of Organizational (Aggregate) Results

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool for individual growth and development.  It is also a powerful tool to improve the organization when aggregate results are used to determine overall, departmental or team strengths and development needs.  Aggregate results can guide coaching, mentoring and training efforts and are especially powerful when next steps are aligned with overall business strategies.  360 degree feedback makes a difference to the organization by:

  • Highlighting the organization’s expected leadership behaviors in a simple to read and interpret aggregate report;
  • Reinforcing corporate culture and values;
  • Enhancing career development for employees;
  • Focusing training and development resources; and,
  • Supporting talent management and succession planning.

Executive Team Meeting to Review Aggregate Results

Take your 360 degree assessment to another level. A Calibra consultant can meet with your project team and/or executive team to discuss the aggregate results.  The consultant discusses the report and highlights overall organizational/team strengths and areas for improvement as highlighted by the data.  Through dialogue and discussion, the consultant helps your team to examine implications and outline next steps and recommendations.

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