Inspire Exceptional Performances

Great leaders inspire others.

If you’re like most ambitious people, someone in your life has inspired you to be a leader.  We can all think of mentors who translated firm convictions and vision into a style that encouraged us to deliver our best performance.  They are the people we feel proud looking up to.  They are the people we want to be proud of us.

Lead your team with confidence, conviction and pride.

Calibra consultants excel in teaming with people just like you – people who want to succeed for reasons other than personal recognition. You want to succeed to inspire others and to make others to feel proud to deliver their best performances.  Our leadership development services will help you lead your team with confidence, conviction and pride. Our methodology and tools include:

  • Understanding your organization and aligning development with your organization’s strategies and goals
  • Customizing leadership competency models so expected behaviors are well defined for your organization
  • Using 360 degree feedback so individuals receive relevant, timely information for development planning
  • Designing a curriculum based on specific needs identified in the assessment process
  • Combining one-on-one coaching, group learning, and working sessions to achieve a maximum level of learning and results.

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Did You Know?

A recent Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) Leadership Competencies study uncovered some of the top business competencies sought from upcoming leaders.  The five that ranked the highest were:

  • Knowledge of the business
  • Strategy execution
  • Good relationship-building skills
  • Customer knowledge
  • Strategy development

In terms of soft skills competencies, the ones that tied directly to leadership success were:

  • Creating an environment of trust and respect
  • Coaching skills
  • Community involvement
  • Being a role model for organizational values
  • Emotional intelligence

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