About Calibra

At Calibra you’ll find passionate people who care about you and your organization.

We build better workplaces.

Our purpose—our passion—is to build better work places and improve work lives.  We’re excited, committed and engaged.  We know that others can feel the same way about their work and working lives.  There is energy here.  We’ve created a productive, engaged and successful culture and we bring that to every client engagement.

Our focus is effective leadership.

Our executive coaching, talent management, 360 degree feedback, management consulting, and leadership development services help leaders learn and grow. With more effective leadership,  your organization will gain a competitive advantage.

We customize our services to meet your needs.

Rather than packaging our services to anticipate your needs, we customize a plan to fit the size and depth of your unique situation.  We begin by asking questions and listening to you.  Some of our clients know what they need, while others ask us to suggest what might benefit them the most.  Once we get to know you and hear about your needs, we work with you to develop a course of action.  Together, we assess your situation thoroughly and build a plan that will effectively accomplish your goals.

We can help you and your organization succeed.

Our objective is your success.  Our methodologies are flexible and adaptable to small and large organizations, to individual processes, and to teams and entire organizations.  Let us help you move forward.

Contact us

2810 Crossroads Drive, Suite 4000
Madison, WI 53718
Phone: 608-442-1121
Fax: 608-819-3801

More About Calibra

Effective Leadership from Calibra

Our tools and methodologies provide leaders with:

  • Critical information about their skills, behaviors, and development priorities
  • Employees’ perceptions of the organization and corporate culture
  • Skills they need to manage their priorities, communicate more effectively, coach and lead individuals and teams
  • Systems to implement succession and talent management processes
  • Processes to work through the tough issues of conflict and build effective teams
  • Strategies for leading change and building resilience

Our History

The Calibra team has been in business for over 15 years.  In 2009, we blended the management consulting services of the Center for Organization Effectiveness with the 360 degree feedback services of surveysbydesign to bring you Calibra. We’ve served clients large and small, in various industries including Fortune 100 companies across the United States.  We’ve translated 360 degree feedback surveys into multiple languages for clients around the globe.  And, we’ve helped shape leaders in middle management as well as top level executives.

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